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Rent and Income Levels



Technology Park Apartments will have income restrictions in place on 75% of the apartments. What does this mean?  Our rent levels are set based on which income bracket you fall into.  A chart is below

First, determine your combined income before all taxes and deductions based on household size. | Then find which category you fall into. You must make BELOW the amount listed. | Once you know which % AMI category you fall into, you can find the apartment rents listed below for each category. | Note: 25% of the apartments will not have any income restriction on them.
Householdsize 60% AMI 80% AMI
1 occupant $42,540 $56,720
2 occupant $48,600 $64,800
3 occupant $54,660 $72,880
4 occupant $60,720 $80,960


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