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Rent and Income Levels

Rent is determined by the Area Median Gross Income (AMI), which is determined by HUD. We have apartments priced at 60% & 80% gross AMI levels. What does this mean? Our rent levels are set based on which income bracket you fall into. A chart is below. Please contact us with questions!

1. First, determine your combined income before all taxes and deductions based on household size.
2. Then find which category you fall into. You must make BELOW the amount listed.
3. Once you know which % AMI category you fall into, you can find the apartment rents listed below for each category.

4. In addition to income restrictions, your household minimum income must be 2.5x's rent amount (gross income).

5. Third-party verification of income will be required.

Immediate move-in date is based on application approval. Most full application processes can range from 7-10 business days before completion is achieved. If you have chosen an immediate move-in date, timing is subject to the approval process. If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss with office staff.

Household Size 60% AMI 80% AMI
1 occupant $46,860 $62,480
2 occupant $53,520 $71,360
3 occupant $60,240 $80,320
4 occupant $66,900 $89,200